Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Can Get With This Or You Can Get With That

I’m just back from the arthritis doc where I had a good heart to heart. I really do like him with his sweet, kindly presence and long anecdotes. While there I also look a turn (literally) at the foot doctor to assess my orthotics which I still don’t like and had adjusted a bit. We’ll see how that works out.

My rheumatologist and I decided to switch my meds to a slightly more aggressive faster acting drug since the Paquenil is having no effect on me and the shooting pains in my foot are just as strong as ever. I mean it’s not fair to have to pay with a night of pain after only a 20 minute walk. So I’m now trying Methotrexate (big scary name there).

I asked him once again, could I avoid all this with vitamins, diet and exercise? He was kind, and patient, but told me in all seriousness, no. Sure diet and moderate exercise were important and he was not a pill happy doctor by any means, but for my age and with my numbers what we were trying to do was prevent further rapid advancement and without the medication that is what I would have in a few years. Yikes!

I told him how with all the talk of “but you can do it the natural way” or “all you need is to just get out and move more” I feel guilty about taking the medication. But kindly doctor dude set me straight. He told me to tell people to walk a mile in my shoes because right now they are free since I can’t walk a mile in them because of the pain.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with life’s challenges and mine may not be the same as everyone else’s but I don’t have to feel guilty for doing what I think is right for me and you don’t either.

Love You, Love Me,


  1. Right there with you. I've been told by well-meaning folks that I could control my epilepsy with an all-organic diet, etc. Ummm...no. And if I did, would you really want to be on the highway with me driving? Would you want me chauffeuring your kids around? I bet not.

    I've also been told I could control my depression without medication. Well, I tried that. Tried it for years because I believed that depression was a "state of mind" and that, therefore, it was under my control. Maybe that's true for some folks. It's not true for me. And anyone who says it is needs to try living my life for a while.

  2. Laura thanks so much for your comment. You totally get me. I have also lived with migraines since I was a kid and am now on daily meds for it. Unless you are in the other persons shoes you just can't understand. Love the on the road analogy.

  3. I get you too. You have a good doctor who understands and that makes a world of difference.

    Unless others are really going through what you are, then they can't give you the input that you need to hear.

  4. "I don’t have to feel guilty for doing what I think is right for me"

    I think that this is such a difficult lesson to learn and internalize. Good for you for taking on that challenge.

    Hope the new med brings you the relief you're looking for!


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