Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome You.

Hello all of you stopping by for the first time. Welcome to my new blog hangout. Those friends that came over from KwanaWrites thanks so much for stopping by. Now I'll still be there with Jack all the time as that is my first home. So no worries.

I like to think of Becoming True Me as my vacation spot. That room of my own where I can get away from it all. The secret cottage where no one can find me (but you did, cagey you!).

I hope you like it here. This is where I'll discuss my feeling on life, dealing with this new thing to me called RA and my life long struggles with migraines. Along with that there will be some twin and life stuff (hot mess) thrown in because that's just how I roll. But it's mostly about me and being my true self more and more each day. I hope you like me and all my many layers. I also hope that along the way you see a bit of yourself uncovered too.

Have fun and please read the few posts I have and give your thoughts and comments. This is a love filled and friendly zone.

Now this may not be an every day blog but feel free to be a follower so you can get updates on when I'm here. Thanks again for stopping by my secret cottage.

Love you, Love me,

Shed from Summerwood Products.


  1. Good morning. I think it's a great idea to have a place where you can come and relax and enjoy yourself. Can't wait to see what you'll have on here. :D

  2. Nice blog here, Kwana! Love the little shed, I would add air conditioner/heat/TV and move in myself! Enjoyed the article (below post) about parenting. I think people are more honest these days. I knew from the age of 14 that I NEVER wanted to bear children. Yes, I know, I married a widower who came with 5 of them but I did my best and honestly, I did not enjoy it much, as I knew I would not. Would I marry him again and go thru all of that again? NO! I would be back in NJ now if it was not that I have been married to him since '87 and did my time with those kids. Most of them could care less about me. And we can leave that on this blog, friend.

    As to your RA, did I mention Ron's partner has it and does very very well on his meds. It is not hopeless, dear. xoxoxoxo

  3. Thanks for you comment and for following Bells. Let's see how I spruce the place up. LOL.

    Ina thanks for your support and for your honesty. I'm so glad you enjoyed the article. I did too. It's great that you know what you wanted and could voice it.

    You did tell me about Ron's partner. I so appreciate that encouragement.

  4. Hello, Kwana,
    Thank you for the invitation to the "Blog of Your Own"--That sure looks like a lovely hideaway. I'll be stopping to read all about
    the real you.
    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks so much Barbara I'm so happy you'll be stopping by.

  6. I have always wanted one of those doll house sort of sheds to play house in! Enjoy your day and your little hide-away here, becoming true you.

  7. TWO BLOGS!!! You are a good woman Kwana! I'm taking a little break from my little blog. Lots of exciting work to be done here! I adore that little cottage. I have this thing for tiny buildings. A studio, a play-house, an escape!

  8. Thanks for the comment Debra. I know I'm crazy but I'm going to try and not get overwhelmed here and thing of this as a fun getaway spot. A place to dream. Thanks for stopping by.


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