Thursday, July 8, 2010

From Serf to Running the Turf

This cover story from New York Magazine All Joy And No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting by Jennifer Senior hit lots of sore spots and very well if you ask me. Click here to read the article.

Oh and we do know that stress is a huge factor when it comes to chronic pain right. So lemme give a Woo Saaa right now and breathe.

As a mother of boy/girl teen twins I often wish those with the sly judgmental looks of “she’s soooo not together. What’s she getting so riled up about?” could walk or drive a mile in my overrun Target flats. I mean it's hard, it's dang hard to handle all the day to day (up, out, breakfast, lunch, school, sports, dance, drive, drive, gas, drive, pickup, homework, dinner, oh and write too) and even harder when there's a irate know it all kid giving you grief and you're somehow supposed to keep your cool through it all and look good doing it. Pla-eaze. No wonder there is that anti-depression med commercial on a freakin loop. (BTW- could that thing get taken off. It depresses me more than anything else. Ugh)

Though the article is mostly the doom and gloom of the very real drudgery of parenting in these over stimulated, over competitive, keeping up with The Joneses modern times, it does end on a good note.

What is real happiness? Is it happiness in the moment or happiness over time? Is it having a purpose in life? Not to sound too Oprah-ish but… One thing I know for sure is that in having these children I do have a purpose in the moment and over time.

Hmm… now I wonder if my twitter hashtag of #PS which stands for parenting sucks will ever really take off? I doubt it. Most people just can’t keep it that real.

Love You, Love Me,

I hit the gym again today after a 1 day pain break and could barely tackle the bike the right foot pain was so bad but I made it 25 minutes. Go me. Now for Ice.

article and images from New York magazine


  1. Kwana I know how you feel. We have teens that about the same age and I'm sure that you and I are dealing with the same issues. I told my son this morning to not expect to go over his friends house everyday because the boys parents may just want some time with their family. My son had the nerve to say "Gosh shut up!" under his breath. He is now on punishment. I'm just trying to be truthful and let him know how adults may think. But no, he thinks he knows everything. I'm off to read that article. Great post! :D

  2. Thanks so much for the comment Bells. The teen world is not an easy one. I tell my kids they can have any thought they want... In their heads! They all can't come out of their mouths. Sigh. Hang in there.


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