Friday, January 7, 2011

So um, Yeah, Not so Tasty

So in yet another attempt to break my sugar addiction, today I had my usual big old cup of coffee without any sugar or artificial sweetener at all. It was just coffee with milk. Ugh.

Not my usual light and sweet delicious candy treat. Let me say it was a tough one to slog down. Hours later and I’m still tasting it and not in a good way. But the caffeine was sorely needed so I had that and well, it’s not nothin’.

Wish me luck in this painful endeavor. Woo saaa…. Waaa!!!

Love you, Love Me,


  1. Oooh that would be a no go in my house. I have to have that flavored creamer in my house.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. Having my shot of flavored creamer is my only guilty pleasure I have left....there is no way I could give up! Good luck!

  3. Nope Carleen that does me no good. I have to go cold turkey.


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