Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Curb My Enthusiasm

So it's January, diet time around the world. I guess I really should recommit to my diet and exercise program.

I sound really enthused huh?

The holidays have been a huge derailment and I've been stuck in park. But it's time to get in gear and back on the road to better health. My arthritis has been flaring up and the headaches coming at a steady enough pace to be driving me to distraction. That said good heath is something to seriously strive for. Of course if there was a nice and easy way to banish the excess weight I'd be happy to check a box.

Please send some good health vibes my way and I'll send some yours. Let's fight the good fight together.

Love You, Love Me,


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  1. I am easing into an eating plan. Not calling it a diet. I need to lose a minimum of 15 lbs. What I am doing for now is pretty easy:

    1. Desserts/snacks etc only on weekends. If I feel like a snack during the week it is a piece of fruit or baby carrots dipped in honey mustard.

    2. No "white" (processed, sugary, floury, fried) foods at dinner. Only foods provided by God. Fish, meat, chicken, vegetables, salad.


  2. I'm fighting with ya! Sucks and it's hard and my head hurts, I'm pissy and really close to call it quits! But this has got to be my year...I really want to be healthy and would love to wear a swimsuit and shorts this year! Baby steps my friend baby steps!

  3. This sounds good Ina. Sensible.

    Hang in there Frau. It's not easy but worth it. Fighting together.


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