Thursday, August 12, 2010


As a wife and mother of teens I have to come to the realization that at any given moment one or more people in the world are probably going to be pissed at me and I have to accept that that's ok. I can't make the world happy.

That said I have to figure how to still have The freaking (snort) Best Year of My Life while at any given moment I'm may not be having the best day.

How does one do that when they have to deal with a host of emotions from all different directions? I think the only answer is to say bring it on, then you take it in and then you have to let it go.

Sure it would be nice to put up your Wonder Woman deflector bracelets announce to your family and to the world, "sorry I'm not taking your emotional mess because I'm HAVING THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE", but we all no that's not going to work.

So you have to take it on, feel what you feel when the world of friends, family, etc. are feeling what they are feeling but somehow still stay on course with your plan to nurture yourself, love you and pat yourself on the back for being there and loving through all the Waaaas!

Love You, Love Me,


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  1. My husband always says no one can make you feel (insert feeling....) you choose to feel it! He some how manages to wear the wonder women bracelets when it comes to others. I say do your best to stay on focus of YOU. It's your time! Have a wonderful day!

  2. You know what? It is what it is. "They" can choose to feel however they want. You choose your own. I am learning how to hold back so I don't stress out! That has been my style for too long and it is not working for me. I now allow others to feel whatever they want and I choose not to react.

    PS the Real Housewives of DC is a flop in my opinion. None of them are particularly interesting, and in fact I think they are quite boring and irritating. xoxo


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