Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carrying On

My kids were back to school one day (Monday) and then today was another snow day (they called it weather related due to the intense lack of snow). I tell you it’s like one big long weekend around here and it has me shaking my head. All this is sending my diet into a tailspin.
And can I ask why are weekends with the family such a challenge? It’s something about kids, the hubby, the dog and free flowing organized chaos that brings on the urge to eat. Tell me I’m not alone. Please. I’ve done well so far this year so I’m not going to beat up on myself too bad. Still I’ve had no sugar in my coffee, and I’m still exercising just about every day though only 1 day on the weekend instead of 2. Hey, I’m going in the right direction. Yes?

But sadly, I have to say the migraines have been coming fast and furious the past few weeks and have been insidiously slowing me down which is a bummer. I seem to be on a pattern of waking up with them again and my neurologist wants to have me go cold turkey for a few weeks off medication to see if I’m not having rebound headaches. The thought of daily nausea and excruciating pain is enough to send me into a tailspin. She said I need to find a time when there is not much stress in order to do it. She said that should be easy since my kids are teens and could fend for themselves. You can imagine how I looked at her right?

On top of this all my treadmill walking has my foot arthritis flaring but I’m working through. I refuse to let it stop my weight loss. I’ve gone down 8 pounds so far this month according to friend it’s all in my face. Of course that is so not there I wanted it can we work our way south please?

Ahh well, carrying on.

How you doin?

Love You, Love Me,
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  1. Sorry about your migraines...but 8 lbs woot woot girl that is awesome! I always lose first in my wrist and ankles...not exactly the place that matters the most! Congrats and hang in there! Off to make cookies cause thats what snow days are about right!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Frau and you're so good making cookies for your girl.

  3. YAY! On the 8lbs! Hope you get a break from the headaches soon.


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